Thursday, April 1, 2010

Touring Santa Cruz

Somehow I got myself out of bed shortly after 7am to make it down to eat breakfast with Jeremy Kochendorfer and Gordon Elliott. "Breakfast is always served at the Elliott house", I was told by Gordon. Niki and Mark Elliott had already left for school and my dear fiance Molly was still in deep slumber. 
Us guys had a great conversation about missions. I am still the newbie, but they make me feel included and like I have good input. Following breakfast and after Molly woke up we all got ready to head out for a bit of a tour. 

In my previous post I mentioned that the traffic was a bit chaotic. This is true, but what makes things more chaotic is that many of the roads are not paved. We experienced this in full form yesterday when Gordon Elliott took us out into Santa Cruz to tour many of the local churches. We were jumbled around like the colorful little pieces in one of those childhood lawn mower toys. It was quite relaxing when  we were able to stop, get out, and walk around the different church sites. 

We visited 3 different churches. I will check with Gordon later to remember all the names. "Iglesia" is the spanish word for church and "santidad" means holiness.
We had the opportunity to eat lunch with the local church leaders at "Pollo Nescar". This was the best fried chicken and french fries I have had in ages. I was a bit lost in the conversation but I am learning to understand more spanish as I have been around it more and associated words in context.

We are spending a few days in Cochabamba with Wolheters, Hoffmans, and Jeremy Kochendorfer leading us in some seminar type discussion.

Check back soon,
Bryan "Eduardo" Canny

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