Monday, January 23, 2012


I just recently finished an enjoyable read of the first book in C.S. Lewis’s celebrated space trilogy, “Out of the Silent Planet”. You may be feeling like that is exactly where this message is coming from since my last blog post was at the end of August.
            As we start 2012 I want to make it a goal to do better with frequent updates both on the blog and on our Facebook group. We will use “Canny Chronicles” to post articles and pictures of recent events at least once a month and use “Bryan and Molly in Bolivia” (facebook group) for weekly prayer requests, praises, and day to day updates.
            We feel really privileged to be serving on the mission field in an age of so many technological advances. We don’t plan to get a Twitter account to let you know our every waking move, but we do want to stay closely connected with our network of support. We value each and every one of you.
            We will be sending out a hard copy prayer letter in the next month with some photos and ministry updates. We will also have an article published in the next issue of The Evangelical Challenge. Hopefully the news and updates don’t get redundant for you. One of the biggest items on our update list is the tutoring center. We have talked about this ministry vision before and the reality is getting closer and closer. Our desire is to have things up and running by the end of February or beginning of March, but there are still a lot of details that need to fall into place. We would really cherish your prayers for more volunteers, construction at the district lot, wisdom, patience, and organization of supplies and for God’s hand to be on this project. We will keep you posted as things continue to move forward.

I wont try to cover everything in the last quarter of 2011, but here are a few highlights.
Bryan helping to lead worship at High School retreat 
Fellow Evangelical Church missionary, Aaron Brakefield, visited from Brazil as the special speaker for Spiritual Emphasis Week and High School retreat for the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center

Molly helping serve food for a Bolivian youth/young adult retreat in Cochabamba

Bryan leading worship in Spanish for the Cochabamba youth retreat

Avelino and Josefina celebrate 50 years of marriage!!!

Us with the happy couple
An orphanage near our neighborhood had "friend day" one Sunday and we got to spend the whole afternoon with these sweet brothers. Burger King, the arcade, visit to the pool, and brownies back at our place. We know how to spoil 'em. 

Juan de Dios (John of God) is the life of the party

Erwin taking a turn head first

A high school student reciting her team's "Christmasgram" during our "Elf: the movie" themed Christmas party.

Eating spaghetti with maple syrup...
If you've seen the movie then you understand

We tried to visit the sand dunes with our past 2 work teams and this was as far as we got this time. Thankfully as we waited for the truck to come pull us out of the "river" we got a nice game of pick up soccer going. 

Bending rebar for the ceiling supports

Leading singing (in Spanish!) at the afternoon Vacation Bible School

Pastor Felipe and another church brother fitting the forms to pour concrete columns
Tito is excited about laying some brick

Happy and smiling team from Roberta, Georgia. Thanks for all your hard work.
We miss y'all. 

Thanks so much for checking in again. I know that was a brief overview, but I hope it helped you see a snapshot of some of what life looks like for us here in Santa Cruz. 

Looking forward to a great 2012 with you,
Bryan and Molly Canny

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