Friday, December 3, 2010


"A Week on the Farm" w/ the Ellingsons

We had a week in Wadena in between our services in Pequot Lakes and Pine River. 
Stories from that week are soon to come. 

Thanks again for checking in with us. 

Bryan & Molly


Riverview Church-Pine River – Nov. 21, 2010

Saturday night was a church game night with about 30-40 in attendance. It was a good time to fellowship and just have fun. Sunday morning we split the sharing time with Aaron Brakefield. I (Bryan) had the privilege to lead the congregation in worship through music. It is always an honor to sing with different groups of God’s children.

In his sermon, Aaron Brakefield challenged the Riverview congregation with this statement. “The mission is across the street AND around the world”. He then applauded their efforts in their own community. Quite literally across the street, the Riverview Church is fulfilling God’s mission. “The Warehouse” is one of the best community outreach centers I have seen and it is located just about thirty steps from the church door. This facility gives youth a safe and fun place to go after school and on the weekends. They have a full size gymnasium, a computer lab, a video game room with all the latest technology, and a fully stocked kitchen with soda and ice cream sandwiches. Saturday Nights are alternate between dodgeball nights & movie nights. Kids get free pizza, soda, and popcorn and they usually show a couple different family friendly movies between 6 and 10 pm. There were about 130-150 youth in attendance on November 20th. Trevor Schwirtz serves as the Riverview youth pastor and a lot of his time is spent at The Warehouse.
Trevor and his wife Meggan are good friends from Vennard College. It was great to spend some time with them and their adorable daughter Addison. There were many familiar faces from Vennard. Aaron & Cristiana Brakefield (missionaries to Brazil and former Vennardians) stayed with Brent and Sara Norman. We all reminisced about funny and a bit embarrassing college stories. I told Molly about some of the amateur video projects that some of us made, but Brent didn’t break those out for viewing during the visit. Perhaps next time we’re in the area we can all watch “Super Charged Indian Fighters: Attack of the Gnomes” starring Luke Hettinger, Josh Peterson, Ryan Trosen & featuring Brent Norman and Bryan Canny as “the Gnomes”…with special guest appearance by Aaron Brakefield as “one who gets attacked”.

I’ll talk to Brent. Maybe we can get it uploaded to YouTube…..

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