Monday, August 30, 2010


Greetings Canny Followers, 
The day has come. Molly and I have officially started our time of deputation together. The past few months, since our marriage on May 29th, we have tried to stay busy. We pulled double duty as both missionary speakers and youth counselors at Red Rock Camp (United Methodist) in Paynesville, MN in June. We also had opportunity to be a part of General Conference in Minneapolis in late June/early July. It was great to visit with many people from all over the Evangelical Church denomination. Camp Zion was  another highlight for us. Last year at Camp Shiloh I (Bryan) led the young adult group. Camp also marked the anniversary of our meeting. It was so exciting to have a partner (Molly) to lead the young adults at Camp Zion this year. The Y.A.P.P. (Young Adult Pirate Program) was a lot of fun. Life size game of Sorry, miniature golf with an eye patch,  and classic Davey and Goliath claymation videos were just a few of the highlights. 

KIRKSVILLE, MO August 22, 2010
The first stop on our "Summer/Fall 2010 Tour" was Bethel Community Church (BCC) in Kirksville, Missouri. Pastor Marvin Cross has been a long time friend of ours and it was so exciting to be able to visit his "home turf". Each year the BCC has a Sunday morning service at the local lake. We were fortunate enough to participate in this annual event. Missouri in August felt almost like Santa Cruz, Bolivia. It was humid and pretty toasty, but the real warmth came from the hearts of those in attendance. Did I mention the service at the lake is also a potluck? Happy church people and food, what could be better?

A Few Highlights of the Day
1) Dustin Cross (Pastor Marvin's youngest son and  a good friend of Bryan) helped Bryan simulate the making of "chunos". Chunos are really a Bolivian way of preserving potatoes where they harvest the potatoes and leave on top of the ground to freeze over. Then after thawing the next day the villagers will stomp the potatoes with their bare feet. They continue this process of freezing, thawing & stomping for several days. This process helps to preserve the potatoes for long periods of time until ready to eat at which point they are boiled, seasoned, and ready to serve.  

2) We sang a duet. Molly and I sang together about a month ago at her home church in Moville, IA and she agreed to it again in Kirksville. It is a real joy to share in the experience of musical worship with your spouse. We sang "Our God" by Chris Tomlin. 

3) THE INFOMERCIAL. For months I had heard about when Shelly Fuehrer visited BCC. Marvin made an offer to his congregation they could not refuse. For each share taken in Shelly that person would receive a knife set autographed by Shelly Fuehrer (Missionary to Brazil). Marvin kept with this theme for our visit and really outdid himself with his marketing prowess. For each share taken in The Cannys there was a "Canny Juicer" & Bonus "Canny Can Cozey" adorned with an engagement picture of us with our names. Marvin and Bryan put on  aprons, cut & hand juiced oranges, and talked about the evil chemicals in "Hillybilly Mountain Water" (as Marvin called it). 
All in all it was a great weekend. We had a good time sharing at the lake as well as back at the church on Sunday evening. 

Deputation is taking us Westward toward Montana, Washington, & Oregon. We look forward to sharing our story many more places & seeing how God blesses. 

In His Service, 
Bryan & Molly Canny 
(Missionaries to Bolivia)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I am sure many of you have realized that "The Canny Chronicles" have been few and far between. I apologize for this lack of updates and communication. Molly and I have been adjusting to married life as well as taking care of some medical issues for my mother (Brenda Canny). We would really appreciate your continued prayers in that situation.  Speaking of adjusting to married life...Molly and I are spending our first full day apart since being married 2 1/2 months ago. We did spend a full week living in separate dorms when we counseled at Red Rock Camp in Paynesville, Minnesota (3 weeks into our marriage), but at least then we saw each other throughout the whole day. I am currently typing this post from Oskaloosa at Rev. David and Donna Barner's house while my beautiful wife Molly is in Minneapolis at Duane and Jessie Erickson's house. We have been in my home town of Oskaloosa for a couple weeks and Molly returned to Minneapolis to gather some extra items before we start our road trip out west. 
Molly and I will be officially starting our first full month of deputation this Sunday, August 22nd in Kirksville, MO. From there we will be driving westward to Montana and spending the majority of September in Oregon/Washington.  We are excited to see just how God works in us together to share the ministry He is calling us to in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. 

On this first night away from my wife I would like to say I spent the evening replaying in my mind all the special moments from these past months and that I wrote several heart felt and lengthy poems about my undying love and devotion to read to her upon her return. Then I couldn't help but call/text her every 5 minutes just to see how she was doing. 

I'd LIKE to tell you that....

But lets get real...I was researching for my Fantasy Football draft on Friday night. 

Then I stumbled across an article I felt I had to share because of it's sheer audacity and ridiculousness. 

Comedian Jim Gaffigan in his Comedy Central special "Whiter Than Pale" spoke tongue in cheek about how ridiculous our fast food menu items are getting. He was speaking about the McGriddle and how he could see things easily getting out of hand from there. After reading this article I could see that Jim Gaffigan is not only comedian, but "Fast Food Prophet". 

Only in America.

Bryan E. Canny (Missionary to Bolivia)

P.S. One day I will finish the travel log from our April 2010 trip. Many more memories and photos to come. 

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