Friday, May 21, 2010

Cochabamba part. 1

I am adding a disclaimer to this post. Writing in the "here and now" is much easier than writing about an experience more than a month later. That being said... Life has been somewhat hectic with planning for a wedding, preparing to move to a different state with my new wife, planning for deputation, and working on designs to prepare the mission office for General Conference. I will recall  the experiences to best of my ability and add pictures to help. 

Wednesday March 31, 2010
After the first couple days in Santa Cruz we all set off to the wonderfully beautiful city of Cochabamba to meet up at the Wolheter residence.

Waiting at the Santa Cruz Airport. Sipping some espresso. Molly was behind the camera. 

I had been mentally preparing for months. I was preparing for the moment I would meet "the infamous Wolheter family". Molly had told me numerous times how much I would absolutely love James, Jenny and the boys (Coy, Cy, and Cade). After our short flight from Santa Cruz we exited the plane straight onto the tarmac which was not common for me, but made me feel like an important dignitary or something. We all entered the airport in Cochabamba and retrieved our bags. As we walked out into the lobby/foodcourt area we were bombarded with smiling faces extended arms for hugs and asking to take our luggage. These smiling faces were not only James and Jenny Wolheter, but also Kevin and Lisa Hoffman. Each and everyone one made me feel immediately welcome and as we walked out to the parking lot I wasn't carrying or wheeling a single piece of my own luggage. This display of grace and servanthood made it that much easier to view Bolivia as home.

I made quick friendships with everyone.

We bonded over many games of Settlers of Catan

The time in Cochabamba was filled with fun and games, but also with fun and meetings.
Jeremy Kochendorfer (State side Ministry Coordinator for Evangelical Church Missions) led us all in some good discussion. We all did some bibile study from the book of Acts prior to our meeting together in "Coch". I think each of us got a little something different out of the study and discussion, but it was good to share the common passion for missions and ministry.

To Be Continued...

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