Thursday, October 28, 2010


Brashear, MO

Brashear Community Bible Church

When Pastor Shannon Perry mentioned an opportunity for us to help with a service project for a woman in his church we were excited to roll up our sleeves and work. Each week we speak to congregations about the story of how God brought us together and the ministry He has for us in Bolivia, but I never want to lose sight of the ministry that God has for us in each step along the way.

We arrived in Kirksville, MO on Friday evening October 2nd. We were really excited to stay with our good friends Chad and Kendra Stearman. Molly and I had chance to connect with the Stearmans and their little boy Chase at Camp Zion. Chad and Kendra will be taking over as the young adult directors at Camp Zion 2011.  Chad and Kendra have great hearts devoted to God, devoted to youth, and devoted to missions. They are also avid board gamers and enjoy Settlers of Catan. We had a lot of fun with them.

Saturday morning (October 3) we arrived at the house in Brashear where the work had already begun. A large bonfire was sending smoke high into the clear blue sky. We looked for Pastor Shannon for direction. Molly, Chad and I each got a pair of gloves and went to our assignments. Molly was sent to help weed the flowerbed and garden. I took my place on the demo crew for an old storage building near the house. We stripped off old shingles and tore apart the falling walls to take the pieces to the fire. It seemed like no time had passed when all that was left of the old building was the concrete slab that it set upon. Then Pastor Shannon called for lunch break. As we sat down with our sack lunches we looked around the yard to see just how much progress had been made in such a short time. It was amazing to see how as we all worked together we transformed the entire look of this property. Beyond just changing the look of the property I knew we had touched the heart of the owner and her family.

Following lunch we got back to work. Molly was put on weed eating duty and it didn’t take long before the whole work crew knew that the patch of weeds Molly was cutting down was filled with some wild garlic. The aroma filled the air and filled our nostrils. We all had a pretty good laugh.

Sunday was a real blessing to make some new connections as well as see some familiar faces from Camp Zion. Pastor Shannon introduced us with a video from the Camp Zion 2010 talent show. (Click for: Camp Zion Video)

We had a wonderful time fellowshipping at the carry-in dinner after the morning service and had a lot of fun Sunday evening play ultimate Frisbee and pass the parcel with the youth group. The highlight of my day was when Shannon let me ring the church bell.

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