Thursday, September 23, 2010


YAKIMA, WA. September 12, 2010

It's no great secret that the life of a missionary on deputation is filled with introductions, first impressions, and the blessing of meeting all kinds of new people. As we anticipated our visit to Yakima, WA we knew we would experience a whole different kind of blessing. There is something very comforting about familiar faces. 
We spent a few days in the company of Dylan and Aubrey Does and their son Ian. Dylan and Aubrey attended Vennard College with Bryan, but Aubrey and Molly have known each other since their childhood years at Bethel Camp in Minnesota. Aubrey and Molly were also on the same mission trip to Brazil in 2002. One other familiar face that weekend was Shirley Roehl(Aubrey's mom) who Molly and I know quite well as the Evangelical Church Missions Office Manager. 
Shirley was in Yakima anxiously anticipating the arrival of her second grandchild. Aubrey was uncomfortably 2 weeks past her due date and we were all praying for her. It wasn't until the following Wednesday (Sept. 15th) that Xavier Christian Does decided to "discover the world". Molly and I plan to stop back through Yakima on our way back to the midwest so we can meet little Mr. Xavier. 
Dylan and I are not only great friends, but also both native Iowans, both Iowa Hawkeye fans, and both Chicago Bears fans. Being in the Pacific Northwest I had kind of surrendered the idea of catching any games. Dylan proved that you can take the boy out of Iowa, but you can't take Iowa out of the boy. We caught the traditional CY-HAWK game on the Big Ten Network  and saw the Hawkeyes tromp the Cyclones 35-7. Sunday afternoon continued the victorious weekend as we were able to tape and watch the Bears edge out the Detroit Lions. 


While Aubrey, Shirley, Molly, and Ian went on an outing to Toys R Us for a "Thomas and Friends Extravaganza", Dylan and I met some of the guys from Yakima EC in the back yard at the church for a game of touch football. After about 15 minutes on the field my muscles and lungs were barking at me. They seemed to say, "You should have gone with Ian to play with the trains". Sure my body was aching, but it was great to make new friendships with some of the guys from YEC. 

Yakima Evangelical Church is the home church of our dear friend Shelly Fuehrer. As we were anticipating our visit we knew we would get to meet her parents and her brother, Trent. It was so great to make those connections and put names with faces. Trent is the worship leader at Yakima EC and is a phenomenal guitar player. I had the privilege of playing drums with the YEC worship team. I played drums back home at the Oskaloosa Evangelical Church and since we've been on the road I've been missing that musical outlet.  

Molly and I have been sharing the story of how we met and where God is leading us and it is a bit of a different experience when the Pastor of the church is your best friend and heckles you from the front row. We love you Dylan. 

It is amazing how God can take you clear across the country and still use people and experiences to make it feel like home.

Bryan & Molly

There is a new video section on the right side of the blog. There is a video that Shirley took of Bryan worship painting at Yakima. Thanks Shirley. 

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