Sunday, March 27, 2011


Ligonier Evangelical Church
Ligonier, IN

Rev. Troy Diersing is the son in law of our former Executive Director of Evangelical Church Missions, Duane Erickson. Molly had the chance to meet Troy and his wife Gloria about a year ago when they were serving in Shiloh, Ohio. Troy and Gloria are now serving the Ligonier Evangelical Church and there is another big change from a year ago. They have a beautiful new baby boy. I didn’t get the chance to hold the little guy, but Molly did for just a few brief minutes. Babies are so busy at that age with all the eating, sleeping and well… what happens after they eat. It is quite a tough life isn’t it? Babies are such good reminders for us of God’s love. He looks after our every need and stands at the ready for whenever we let out a cry.

Often times God looks after us through the care of His loving people. We have felt so well taken care of during this whole deputation. Everywhere we go we are welcomed with open arms and people go far and above to make sure we are comfortable and all our needs are met. This was no exception in Ligonier. Throughout this past year we have had some hard family issues and it is sometimes hard to know just how much to share with hosts and hostesses. While in Ligonier we were sorting through some medical issues with Bryan’s mother and our hosts, Tim and Joyce Gaff, were great listening ears and shoulders to cry on. We only wish we could have shared a few more days with them.

On Sunday morning at Ligonier we shared during Sunday school with some of the interactive PowerPoint games that we have done other places. I quickly realized that we were in the presence of other missionaries when one of the young boys talked about the lizards on one of our slides and said they looked similar to the ones near his home in Argentina. We had the pleasure of meeting Elson and Toy Mast, missionaries to Argentina with World Gospel Mission. Please keep them and their 3 boys in prayer as they are back in the states raising support. You never know who you may cross paths with along the way.

Ligonier is a great mission minded church. We were encouraged by the testimony of one man who shared about a work team that had gone down to an area that had been devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Can you believe it has been almost 6 years and they are still picking up the wreckage? The man shared about the spirit of these people who had lost everything and how they were so incredibly grateful for the help. We should all be reminded that as we pray for missionaries all around the world, no matter which organization they are with, we should be praying for the mission field that sits right outside our door.

Bryan & Molly

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