Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where are the motorcycles?

Sturgis Evangelical Church
Sturgis, MI

I have to make a confession of ignorance. I had always heard about the huge annual Sturgis motorcycle rally. As we drove toward Michigan I mentioned something to Molly about how it would be interesting to see where that was hosted. She gave a look that said, “oh you poor thing”. She then quickly corrected my misinformation and told me that the motorcycle rally is held in Sturgis, South Dakota. We drove through South Dakota earlier during this deputation, but somehow missed the rally. I wasn’t too broken up about it, because I don’t look the best in a bandana and leather vest.

Getting back to the topic at hand…

We arrived at Rev. Rodger and Joyce Moyer’s house and I let Rodger know that I’d be keeping an eye on him to report back to his brother Bruce in the mission office. He told me he would do the same for me. Of course this was all in good fun and we had a really great time all weekend. Along with having a good time playing some board games and movie watching with the Moyers, we also felt incredibly blessed by the generous hearts of the congregation after we shared on Sunday.

In Sunday school we shared, for the first time, about an exciting new ministry that God is opening up in Santa Cruz. It has been on many hearts ,for a few years, to reach into the communities around our seven churches in Santa Cruz. One new way to do that is through a tutoring center. This idea has been in the brainstorming stages for a long while, but has recently been taken from brainstorm into reality. We shared, with those in Sunday school, six specific areas of prayer surrounding the tutoring center. We will lay those out with more explanation in a later post.

We left Sturgis feeling so amazingly blessed. We came away with almost 9 shares. God continues to amaze us as He works in the hearts of His people.

Bryan & Molly

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