Friday, January 28, 2011


I mentioned in the previous post about how God has been working on our hearts to keep our eyes open for all the ministry opportunities He is putting before us. We are anxious to get to Bolivia, but are very much enjoying our time connecting with the ministry happening all across the Evangelical denomination state side. Each Sunday we are blessed to share with a new congregation about God’s vision for our future and occasionally we get an added blessing to share in a mid-week service as well. One of these mid-week blessings was in Everson, Pennsylvania.

We were most graciously hosted by Neil and Vera Stevens and had a wonderful time getting to know them and their son Scott. Scott is in his sophomore year as a history major at California University in California, Pennsylvania. Don’t worry. It took me a second to wrap my brain around the geographical oddity. We caught up with Kara, Neil and Vera’s youngest daughter, over lunch one day and it was a good time swapping exciting traveling stories. Kara spent several weeks in Bolivia with Molly shortly after she had arrived for this last 2 ½ year term. One skill Kara came back from Bolivia with was the knowledge of the game Settlers of Catan. It was exciting for us to get a game in one evening with the family. Just so it’s on the record….I (Bryan) came away with the win. This is a rare occasion.

Wednesday nights at Everson EC seem to have a great community outreach. They serve a meal before the service and there are many community kids who attend, get a hot meal, and have some time to play and also hear the word of God during lesson time. After the meal, we spoke to a small group of adults who richly blessed us with an offering and a monthly share. We then drove over to the house where the young adult group was meeting. The young adult group is comprised of college and career age men and women from several area churches. We fit right in with this group, had some good conversations, and they also richly blessed us with an offering.

We continue to trust and God continues to provide.

Now Neil and Vera told us when we arrived that we had to finish a puzzle of this covered bridge Amish scene before we could leave. Somehow they let us slip out the door with several of the pieces still scattered about the card table. We packed the van, hugged our hosts, and got back on the open road headed for Sullivan, Indiana. 

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