Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Thousand Apologies and a Happy New Year

I realize it has been over a month since we posted an update on the blog. The last post promised a recap of our stay in Wadena, Minnesota with the Ellingson family. That story is still to come, but I felt it necessary to at least touch base and let you know a little bit of what has gone on recently in our lives on the "road back to Bolivia". 

December is commonly a time when deputation slows down a little bit. Many churches have Christmas programs and many things going on. We did visit one church in December and, as usual, met smiling faces and welcoming arms. 

December 5 - Fairfield Bay, Arkansas - Cornerstone Evangelical Church
Molly and I have been checking off states together as we have been traveling. Arkansas was a new state for both of us. We arrived Saturday night, December 4th,  at the house of the people that were hosting us only to find out that they were native Iowans. In fact several people from the congregation had some connection with Iowa. God seems to find ways to bless us with little reminders of home even though we are several hundred miles away. Good fellowship, good sharing, good potluck. 

December 8-12 
We returned to Minneapolis just in time to catch another big snow storm. I grew up in Iowa so I'm used to shoveling the fluffy white stuff, but with each scoop I kept repeating in my mind, "South America. South America."

We spent a couple days packing up our belongings from the house we had been staying in near the EC Mission Office. We put some stuff in storage and packed some stuff to get ready to take to Bolivia. Our original target departure was January, but we still have need of some more financial support (Current share count is in the right margin of the blog). We are scheduled in churches through March and now hope to return to Bolivia at the end of March or early April. With this in mind we knew we should get a jump start on the packing. 

More recap of the past month to come...give your eyes a break. Go outside and get some fresh air. Get your digital camera, take a 5 minute walk, then take a picture of wherever you end up. 

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