Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On the road again...

Christmas break is over. A new year has begun.
And we are back on the road for deputation.

The next few months we will be out east in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Our first stop out east was at the Kilgore Evangelical Church in Kilgore, Ohio. Pastor Terry Will and his wife, Alice, hosted us and we felt very blessed in the days we shared with them.

We shared with the congregation in a couple different services. Sunday evening was a bit more informal with some interactive powerpoint games and a Q&A time. A couple of younger boys asked some questions that I had not heard before. One boy asked, “Do they have fire fighters in Bolivia? Are there policemen”? I honestly couldn’t recall seeing a fire-truck during the 2 weeks we spent down there in April and I saw some traffic police no squad cars like you would think of here in the states. I looked toward Molly for some help and then another question rose from the boys, “Do they play baseball”? I explained that the favorite sport was soccer and that I was going to work really hard to be a soccer fan since we wouldn’t have any American Football in Bolivia. One topic of interest and discussion was when we showed a slide of me eating guinea pig that, in Bolivia, is a meat group rather than a house pet.

We had opportunity earlier that Sunday to go out to lunch with two very nice couples. It is always nice to connect outside of the church walls when we are outside of  “presentation mode”. It was a good time of fellowship. We went to a really great Chinese restaurant nearby, but sadly I didn’t see any guinea pig on the buffet. 

Pictures from the road to come in new posts........

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