Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Steelers country...

Some of you avid blog readers may have noticed that our share count changed dramatically within the last couple weeks. The share count is displayed in the right margin of this blog. I had forgotten to update the count since before December, yet God has continued to bless us at each church we’ve been to. Our service at New Beginnings Evangelical Church (N.B.E.C.) in Youngwood, Pennsylvania was no exception to this continual blessing.
We knew going into the Sunday morning service that spirits would be high because of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ victory over the Baltimore Ravens the night before. However the service was far more than just a lot of people in a good mood because of a football game. The presence of the Holy Spirit was really evident in the worship that morning. It is an absolute privilege, as we are on deputation, to be able to share the prayer concerns of each congregation that we visit. During the prayer time that Sunday morning we lifted many prayer concerns, but some of us were gathered around a boy named Josh who has struggled with an irregular heartbeat and often times has been sent home from school. The doctors are still working on finding the problem. As we laid hands on him and took some time to pray that morning I lifted up prayers for Josh that he would find the courage and confidence despite all of these struggles and that if it be within God’s will to take the struggles away. As we said amen Josh looked up, smiled at me, and thanked me for praying. It has been moments like this during our deputation that remind me of the ministry God has for us all along the way. As we focus on raising support to go to Bolivia I never want to lose sight of the ministry that stands right before us.

Just being part of the service was a great time of blessing for us, but after we had shared our presentation and the final benediction was given, we had a chance to look at the commitment forms that had been turned in. God abundantly blessed us through the people of N.B.E.C. They gave 7 ½ shares. One of those shares came from Rebecca and Emily Hixson (teenage daughter’s of pastor Dave Hixson). We had so much fun with these girls and their 6-year-old brother Josh. Dave and Rae Ann have raised some good kids. They were fun, respectful, and servant hearted. Emily even gave up her room for us for 4 days. We came away from the weekend with so many great memories that we will carry with us for a long time.
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